Top 5 .GIFs of Glitch art net curiosities, curated by Andros Leal

Big Leak is a site devoted to beauty. Nearing its launch, the staff must also express it’s endless curiosity towards other kinds of beauty. Perhaps not even average symmetrical aesthetics. This time around, we contacted media and sound artist Andros Leal for a new feature because we wanted to launch some top 5 series. You can find actually find some of his work as Hypnosoft (or System Error). Normally,  we would go for some top erotism… but we found in him a nice opportunity to go towards the realm… of odd, internet underground curiosities.

So basically, we spoke to him and asked for a Top 5 of favorite freaky .GIF concepts. The other internet appreciation of Andros gives us this graphics, that are surrounding psychedelia, Tumblr pearls, some sort of old school videogame memory and… fractal glitch other worldly loops. Enjoy and click on the links for a bit more:

#1. Out 4 Pizza

#2. Cloaque5
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#3. Pecco MFC

#4. Emilio Gomariz
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#5. A piece of his own:
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