PICK012: LUIZA is a new favorite… Part I

Now we continue with a brand new pictorial and special pick for Big Leak. There is something about the new, about the young and naive, about the naiveness and inexperience especifically that will never compare to other, more complex and long given feelings. It’s like… Why do you think kitties and puppies look so extremely cute when they’re new borns? They will never look th same. Not that the voice of experience isn’t something fundamental and important in life, time makes us wiser and lots of things get better with longer process. It is possibly in the balance of both realms where the truly sublime relies. But in this case we can’t help but appreciate the simply novel.

This is a new favorite model, Luiza, who is from Brazil and is only 19 years old. First part:












Hair and Makeup: @jcmichelena [INSTAGRAM]
Model: Luiza Ramalho

Expect the second part of this set soon.