PICK 006: What is Big Leak? Let Kris explain you


OK. So… What is Big Leak? It’s the sound of a mouth dripping, it’s the sound of beauty slipping; it’s the grasp of the sublime, it’s the taste of an early morning kiss; it’s the sight of what’s just right… It’s the feeling of deepness. Heart warmed yet profound desire. Clearly… it’s some sort of poetic truth. Big Leak is a portrait of the pixels of truth. This time around we’ve approached another livian beauty (yes, from a place named just like another contemporary and the land of the awesome river). Check out this Kris babe right away:










Hair and Makeup: Juan Carlos Michelena | @JCMichelena [INSTAGRAM]
Styling: Giovana Razgado | @giiomfg [INSTAGRAM]