Throughout her bohemian lifestyle she would momentarily be involved in movies and soap operas, traveling back and forth between India and Mexico. In India she was a preferred and working actress in the Bollywood market, which is considered, the “Indian Hollywood”. After her many worldly experiences, she arrived to Miami and decided to pursue the American market in movies and T.V. Immediately upon her arrival she signed with Wilhemina, a top modeling/acting agency in the world.

With a fervent passion to become a well-respected actress, she has delved into many acting books and courses learning various methods from renown acting teachers such as: Constantin Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, and Lee Strasberg.  Being autonomous with her education, Maribel is an extremely well rounded human being. Her beauty is self-evident, but it is her shrewdness and cultural awareness that makes her stand out. Her strong personality manifests itself through her furious commitment, determination, tenacity, and perseverance. Extremely unique with her brains and splendor she will undoubtedly become an eminent thespian. Enjoy  (again) a  pictorial with Maribel Vivanco:


























Hair and Makeup: Juan Carlos Michelena | @JCMichelena [INSTAGRAM]
Styling: Giovana Razgado | @giiomfg [INSTAGRAM]

Maribel: @maribelvivancogz [INSTAGRAM]

Photgraphed by Gudinni [INSTAGRAM] [TWITTER] [OFFICIAL SITE]