PICK 017: Maribel Vivanco, a nomad soul

Hailing from Guadalajara, we have a mexican beauty this time around. Although she is a wonderful model from Mexico, she’s more like the kind of girl you would consider a world citizen, because she is really into travelling around the whole globe. She has literally been through the entire planet, especially to Asia as of late (she was recently in Shangai). Her favorite place is somewhere in India… but she still loves mexican food. A Sagittarius, she is a nomad soul. Truth is, we were lucky enough to get the chance to shoot her. Enjoy a new pictorial with Maribel Vivanco:





















Hair and Makeup: Juan Carlos Michelena | @JCMichelena [INSTAGRAM]
Styling: Giovana Razgado | @giiomfg [INSTAGRAM]

Maribel: @maribelvivancogz [INSTAGRAM]

Photgraphed by Gudinni [INSTAGRAM] [TWITTER] [OFFICIAL SITE]