PICK 015: Mariana on evolution and pushing things forward

This time around, we talked to Mariana. A young brazilian and very brilliant girl, originally from Xanxere (Sta. Catarina). She has a fierce personality, and also a determined view on the world. Being 27 years old, she has strong beliefs, partly because she has lived out there and understood the lack of balance that the planet can be living. Still, she believes in change. Not just a spiritual change but a more balanced approach in the way people can live. She is in favor of the world shifting into a more equitative state with less pain, but also with more opportunities for people to educate themselves and preserving nature. She cherishes third world countries that have women as political leaders and decision makers.  Humanity is evolving slowly and Mariana knows it… And she is also pushing it forward!













Make up & hair: Vinicio Conti (@vinicioconti) | INSTAGRAM