PICK 002: of nature, spirit and reincarnation. Meet Fiorela


Fiorela Gomez
. Born in Rosario and living in Santa Fe, she’s gone abroad for over 8 years now. Her favorite hobbies are going to the gym, reading and outdoor sports like biking. She just loves open air. Her favorite spots are mostly on the beach, but she prefers virgin and less known beaches than corporate crowdy ones. Fiorela is also keen to spirituality, one of her favorite reads as of late is The Celestial Prophecy and she’s been learning reiki and how to be a yoga instructor. She believes in reincarnation and thinks she’s already an old soul… And keeps a very intimate tattoo with the phrase ‘power is withine one‘.

…For this second pictorial, she posed with some good vinyl records for Big Leak:














Hair and Makeup
: Juan Carlos Michelena | @JCMichelena [INSTAGRAM]
Styling: Giovana Razgado | @giiomfg [INSTAGRAM]