A Sincretic Top 10 .GIF collection by Mircea Turcan

Mircea Turcan is a benchmark of excess. At least that’s what his own signature says. Fact is, Mircea, also known among the world of the deep web (and even some sporadic appearances in the mainstream internet)  as Sincretic, is a very intriguing visual artist from Romania. At some point in his life, he ended up in another continent. Originally emerged in net art, he was even listed as part of the line-up of trascendent digital art festivals.  He is currently a creative lead in Restate Media. Full time graphic freak, internet critic and general foul-mouth (even on topics such as metaphysics), he is a thrilling artist who’s totally obsessed with the frontier between perfection and the glitch, the new aesthetic and “dark-data” politics.

We asked him for a new list of curated .GIFs and here we have a stunning collection nearby the cinema, erotic and digital environments. In his list, you can find  from the top installations of japanese algorithmic noise artist Ryoji Ikeda (‘Architexture’), to fragments of RGB by Onformative, one of his favorites ever. The movie Requiem for a Dream, representations of dataflow, the “Special Cases” music video by Massive Attack (in his own words: a classic by Nick Knight, who exploded the beauty myth with a bullet and some amazing slow motion).

The Top 10 rounds up with another animation extracted from a FKA Twigs video, which Mircea considers raw, sculptural, glitchy and uneasy, like a constant play with unstructured space. He adds a piece by Melissa Broder (poet by day and witch by night, and one of the best twitter accounts you can follow: @melissabroder), next to another piece found on one of his favorite Tumblrs, Hamletmachine —curated by maestro @Hterefit— and a mandatory nod to his muse, miss Sasha Grey. The end result is a finely curated collection of visual instantaneity somewhat hinted in the cyberpunk realm.

You seriously can’t miss this shit:











Twitter: @sincretic